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Buy and sell using our ATMs

Paychain facilitates the exchange of cryptocurrency thanks to our automatic distributing machines (ATMs). With Paychain, you can be sure to get the most competitive rates on the Quebec market. 

Agents on the road

If for some reason you can't travel, or you want to buy/sell in a location closer to home, this service is for you! Paychain is the only company in Quebec that offers agents on the road ready to move at any time to facilitate and simplify your transactions. All our operations are carried out with a high level of security and professionalism in a public location of your choice.

Install a Paychain Terminal in your business and start generating revenue!

Are you operating a business and would like to become a supplier of bitcoin? Paychain is the only company in Canada that allows you to become one through our exclusive and patented point-of-sale/service terminals. They are easy and fast to use and will allow you to significantly increase your revenue!



(For Businesses)
Want to Increase Your Income?

If you are a retailer or money services business (MSB) and desire to increase your income, becoming a digital currency distributor is probably one of the best options to consider. With our 34 Bytes terminal, your business could now buy and sell bitcoin quickly and securely. You don't need to hold cryptocurrency, nor to be an ace in the field; the device will do everything for you automatically! You may also remain assured that nobody can gain access to your funds. How to better stand out from your competitors? In addition, thanks to this device you may also accept payments in bitcoin without risking your income to the volatility of the market.

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